In Sites, I create site specific installations in abandoned architectural or natural environments. I choose sites that were once centers of frequent activity, abandoned houses, military outposts, overgrown gardens and hidden backyards. Although stripped of their intended purpose these sites are not dormant, they contain vestiges of past use and are continuously altered through a process of natural entropy and the occasional trespass of human visitors. I look at my interventions as a dialogue between myself and the active forces I find in these places. Working within the framework of the architecture of a given space and using both the natural and man made debris gathered at the site, I create sculptural arrangements evokind settings of primitive domesticity. Wooden floor boards, broken roof tiles and empty soda bottles are assembled and organized forming simple shelters for unknown occupants or constructed into alters charged with private meaning. As with the works in A Room for the Night, I use only the materials found in each site, reinscribing life and the promise of new use on to vacant and marginal structures. Autonomous photography pieces are created on the basis of these installations, but unlike the works in the hotel room series, the final installations are not deconstructed but left intact to add to the history of entropy already at work in each setting.